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Saturday, September 10, 2016

When Healing Doesn't Come....

"You need to have more faith and pray harder." Have you ever been told that when dealing with something?I have heard these things from well meaning people. People I love. In fact I believe those things too. I understand the Bible tells us that "By his stripes we were healed." But what about when healing doesn't come. Is it because of your lack of faith? I don't know. I don't think so.

Some religions feel that going to the doctor is showing a lack of faith. You've heard those stories of a parent who won't take their child to the doctor and eventually they die from a very curable illness. It is not a good witness. What about going to the dentist? Or the chiropractor? Is that wrong?

We are spiritual beings, but we live in a physical body. If we are trusting in our faith to heal us, than we are trusting in ourselves. There are times when the miraculous comes. Sometimes God uses the gift of faith. You don't have to drum it up, God gives it. So yes, pray. Ask for healing. Claim it.

I use to have panic attacks. It was horrible. I felt gripping anxiety. I couldn't breathe. I felt like I was suffocating 24 hours a day, It never let up. The only thing that kept me alive were my children whom I had to take care of, a kind husband, and my faith. I called out to Jesus. I rebuked the devil. I did everything I knew to do. But still I suffered, 24 hours a day for years. Unless you lived in my body, there is no way you can understand the depth of the constant anxiety I had. It is a miracle I didn't take my life.

Was this condition caused by my lack of faith?

Eventually I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease. After several more years it finally came under control through thyroid removal and synthroid. My constant panic attacks, insomnia, and over active "fight flight" response had nothing to do with my mind. I had too much t-3 in my system from an overactive thyroid. I wish it had all gone away after hundreds of prayers. But God did bring me an answer through a doctor.
I will never forgot those years of suffering. I am grateful for my present health. I hope to never go back there.

The Bible says in the end we will put off corruption for incorruption. This world is temporary. Keep praying, keep seeking and keep knocking. He does answer. Sometimes it is in the form of a miracle! Sometimes in a pill, or surgery. Be willing toreceive God's answer even if it is through a doctor.

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